In-depth analysis on a selection of heavy-emitting companies and thematic sector research into emerging issues in the energy transition.


  1. Research

    Analysis: Glencore’s 2024-2026 Climate Action Transition Plan

    Glencore’s 2024-2026 Climate Action Transition Plan (CATP) moves the company further from aligning to a net zero emissions pathway.

  2. Research

    Shell - Less Value, More Emissions

    Analysis of Shell’s 2024 Energy Transition Strategy, fossil fuel growth strategy, and lobbying disclosures

  3. Research

    Equinor’s challenge: which way to Paris?

    Equinor has an opportunity to take material steps towards Paris alignment by changing its portfolio and strategy.

  4. Research

    Investor handbook: Engaging with the steel sector

    This handbook aims to support investors in company engagement, a key tool to drive value and enable emissions reductions in the steel sector.

  5. Research

    Santos’ growth strategy: will it deliver for shareholders?

    Santos’ current capex heavy production growth strategy is not the optimal strategy to maximise shareholder returns, with a capital return strategy offering more value and less risk.

  6. Research

    Forging pathways: insights for the green steel transformation

    Across every stage of the value chain, companies are taking advantage of advancements in technology to enable less carbon intensive steelmaking.

  7. Research

    In the dark: gaps in Shell’s climate lobbying disclosures

    Undisclosed lobbying in emerging markets may undermine Shell’s support for the Paris goals and foster unsustainable fossil fuel supply and demand lock-in.

  8. Research

    Australia's LNG growth wave - did it wash for shareholders?

    This report looks under the hood of Australia’s LNG growth wave, examining whether it has created value for shareholders.

  9. Research

    Submission: Future Gas Strategy

    Gas, and with it LNG, will play a diminishing role in Australia’s and the world’s net-zero transformation.

  10. Research

    Submission: Roadmap to establish an Australian decommissioning industry for offshore oil and gas

    As the fledgling Australian decommissioning industry evolves, it is critically important that operators are transparent about their short, medium and long term plans for decommissioning.

  11. Research

    Benchmarking for change: corporate political expenditure and climate lobbying in Australia

    ACCR investigates how major public companies in Australia disclose and govern their political expenditures and climate lobbying.

  12. Research

    Submission: Modelling Australian emissions reduction pathways

    Reducing investment risk will have an impact on investment opportunities in other parts of the economy.

  13. Research

    Woodside’s growth portfolio: what’s in it for shareholders?

    A risk-adjusted financial analysis of Woodside’s growth portfolio, compared to a capital return strategy.

  14. Research

    Submission: Climate-related financial disclosure (second response)

    Implementation of a rigorous, comparable, and consistent climate disclosure scheme, applicable to listed and non-listed entities, will support Australia to achieve its climate goals.

  15. Research

    Submission: Greenwashing Inquiry

    While investor, media and public scrutiny can help deter companies from engaging in 'greenwashing', a strong legislative and regulatory framework is also critical.

  16. Research

    Investor brief: Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-POWER)

    Supporting investor brief to our 2023 Shareholder Resolutions to Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-POWER)

  17. Research

    Investor Briefing - Electric Power Development Co., Ltd (J-POWER) 2023 AGM

    Analysis of J-POWER climate plan; analysis and voting intentions on shareholder resolutions and director re-election

  18. Research

    Submission: Inquiry into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum

    The Voice has the potential to contribute substantially to improving social harmony in this country. A stable and predictable operating environment is essential to the functioning of business.

  19. Research

    Pre-AGM analysis: Glencore plc 2023

    Research presentation for investors, covering our analysis of Glencore’s 2022 Climate Report; updated analysis on forward coal emissions; the Teck bid; and the co-filed shareholder resolution on thermal coal disclosure.

  20. Research

    Investor Briefing - Woodside Energy Group Ltd 2023 AGM

    Director re-elections and 2022 climate report: analysis and recommendations

  21. Research

    Woodside 2023 director re-elections and 2022 Climate Report

    A comprehensive assessment of Woodside’s 2022 Climate Report and the board’s lack of responsiveness to shareholder climate votes.

  22. Research

    ACCR Presentation on Santos Ltd 2023 AGM

    Webinar supporting our analysis of the Santos Ltd (ASX: STO) 2022 remuneration report and provides a summary of the Tiwi Island case.

  23. Research

    Can Woodside Try Harder than Trion?

    A pre-FID analysis of the Trion project

  24. Research

    Submission: Environmental Claims Code

    The environmental claims code and process for assessing advertising has, for the most part, not successfully identified or prevented misleading claims in Australia.

  25. Research

    Analysis of Glencore’s forward coal emissions profile

    Based on current disclosures by Glencore and its stated strategy, the company’s forecast cumulative emissions from coal production do not appear to be Paris-aligned.

  26. Research

    Submission: Climate-related financial disclosure

    Climate-related disclosures should be rigorous, comparable and consistent, allowing investors and other important actors to make meaningful assessments of a company's position.

  27. Research

    Investor Bulletin: Shell and BP FY22 Q4 results and CO2 implications

    Analysis of both BP and Shell’s FY22 Q4 results, capex and emissions target implications, and legal updates.

  28. Research

    Offshore oil and gas asset decommissioning

    ACCR's report on decommissioning risks creating uncertainty around operators' plans and final costs.

  29. Research

    Super Votes: How Australia's largest superannuation funds voted on ESG resolutions in 2021

    ACCR's fourth annual report on the disclosure and voting practices of Australia's largest superannuation funds.

  30. Research

    Shareholder Impact Report 2022

    In 2022, together with hundreds of shareholders, ACCR challenged some of Australia’s biggest emitting companies to demonstrate their commitment to decarbonisation.

  31. Research

    Investor Bulletin: Monitoring Glencore’s climate commitments

    Glencore’s planned coal expansion and growth in coal emissions is overshadowing the future facing minerals portfolio of the business.

  32. Research

    AGL Energy Ltd: Assessment and summary of 2022 AGM voting intentions

    ACCR is confident that with a suitably qualified CEO and refreshed board, AGL Energy Ltd (ASX:AGL) will produce a significantly enhanced CTAP in the next 12 months.

  33. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to BHP Group Ltd on climate advocacy and accounting

    Supporting brief to our shareholder resolutions to BHP Group Ltd (ASX:BHP) on climate policy advocacy and climate accounting and audit

  34. Research

    South32: Climate Transition Action Plan Analysis

    It is ACCR’s view that South32’s (ASX:S32) plan is supportable, subject to quantified updates, due to its changed position on greenfield fossil fuel expansion, in contrast to peers like BHP.

  35. Research

    Origin Energy: Climate Transition Action Plan Analysis

    It is ACCR’s view that there is sufficient reason to vote FOR the approval of Origin’s 2022 Climate Transition Action Plan and to vote AGAINST the re-election of non-executive director Greg Lalicker.

  36. Research

    Submission: WA EPA's Draft Environmental Factor Guideline - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    It fails to sufficiently address scope 3 emissions, and is too permissive of scope 1 emissions and the use of offsets.

  37. Research

    Submission: Safeguard mechanism

    An opportunity to drive industrial decarbonisation in Australia. A response to the DCCEEW Consultation paper, 2022.

  38. Research

    Investor bulletin: Climate policies under consultation must not be stifled by industry lobby

    Investors have a critical role to play in curtailing the impact of company and industry association lobbying on evolving Australian climate policy.

  39. Research

    Update: Shell emissions forecast

    Shell’s recent performance indicates it is right-sizing its oil and gas business but not yet transitioning customers to alternatives.

  40. Research

    Submission: Appeal against the North West Shelf Extension

    ACCR is appealing the WA EPA’s approval recommendation for the North West Shelf (NWS) Extension Environmental Review Document.

  41. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-POWER)

    Supporting investor brief to our Shareholder Resolutions to Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-POWER)

  42. Research

    AGL Energy Demerger

    What should a climate aware investor consider?

  43. Research

    Oil and Gas Sector: 2022 Climate Transition

    We assess how major oil and gas companies are decarbonising and compare their current climate plans.

  44. Research

    Investor briefing: Say on Climate Voting in 2021

    Companies were rewarded for accountability, transparency, or for being first movers, rather than the strength of their climate plan commitments.

  45. Research

    Glencore’s Methane Problem

    Analysis of Glencore’s underreporting of methane emissions

  46. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to Woodside Petroleum Ltd on climate-related lobbying and decommissioning

    Supporting brief to our shareholder resolutions to Woodside Petroleum Ltd on climate-related lobbying and decommissioning.

  47. Research

    Woodside Petroleum Ltd: Assessment of 2021 Climate Report

    It is ACCR’s view that there is sufficient reason to vote against the approval of Woodside’s 2021 Climate Report.

  48. Research

    Glencore Plc: Assessment of progress against its climate plan

    ACCR believes the overwhelming support Glencore received for its climate plan in 2021 was unwarranted, and there is ample reason to vote against its climate plan and progress at the 2022 AGM.

  49. Research

    Initiation of coverage: BP

    BP’s transition strategy, it’s not what you think

  50. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to Santos Ltd on climate-related lobbying and decommissioning

    Supporting brief to our shareholder resolutions to Santos Ltd on climate-related lobbying and decommissioning.

  51. Research

    Investor update: Santos Ltd (ASX:STO) Say on Climate

    ACCR's position on the Santos Ltd (ASX:STO) Say on Climate vote at its 2022 AGM.

  52. Research

    Rio Tinto Group Ltd/Plc Assessment of 2021 Climate Change Action Plan

    ACCR believes Rio Tinto’s 2030 Scope 1 and 2 target, strategy and capital allocation commitments are significant and worthy of conditional investor support.

  53. Research

    Facts over fiction: Debunking gas industry spin

    This paper reviews several of the Australian LNG industry’s claims and finds they are inaccurate or exaggerated. An investment in gas is not an investment in the Paris Agreement.

  54. Research

    Shareholder Impact Report 2021

    During 2021, ACCR together with hundreds of ASX shareholders, put pressure on some of Australia’s biggest companies to improve their corporate behaviour on ESG issues.

  55. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolution to Incitec Pivot Ltd on Paris-aligned targets

    Supporting brief to our Shareholder Resolution to Incitec Pivot Ltd on Paris-aligned targets.

  56. Research

    Sasol (SOL): Climate Vote

    Global Climate Insights reviews Sasol’s (SOL) climate transition plan ahead of the vote at its upcoming AGM.

  57. Research

    Investor briefing: Sexual harassment as material risk

    Investors need to better understand the different types of risks posed by sexual harassment, including long term financial risks, operational disruptions and reputational damage.

  58. Research

    Initiation of coverage: Royal Dutch Shell (RDS)

    A two-part report on Royal Dutch Shell’s climate transition strategy.

  59. Research

    Sasol in pursuit of a lifeline for Secunda

    Global Climate Insights reviews Sasol’s (SOL) 2030 and 2050 net zero emissions ambition and decarbonisation strategy.

  60. Research

    BHP Climate Transition Action Plan Analysis

    ACCR believes there is sufficient reason to vote against the approval of BHP’s Climate Transition Action Plan.

  61. Research

    PREVIEW Initiation of coverage: Royal Dutch Shell (RDS)

  62. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to Origin Energy Ltd on climate-related lobbying and Paris-aligned capital expenditure.

    Supporting brief to our shareholder resolutions to Origin Energy Ltd (ASX: ORG) on climate-related lobbying and Paris-aligned capital expenditure.

  63. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolution to BHP Group Ltd/Plc on climate-related lobbying

    Supporting brief to our Shareholder Resolution to BHP Group Ltd/Plc on lobbying related to climate and energy policy.

  64. Research

    Super Votes: How Australia's largest superannuation funds voted on ESG resolutions in 2020

    ACCR analysis of the disclosures and voting behaviour of Australia’s 50 largest superannuation funds on ESG shareholder resolutions.

  65. Research

    Falling through the Cracks? Labour hire, Contracting and Outsourcing Risks across the ASX100

    ACCR analysis shows that company reporting across the ASX is insufficient to allow investors to engage with companies about their employment models and overall workforce strategy.

  66. Research

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolution to AGL Energy Ltd on Paris-aligned goals and targets.

    Supporting investor brief to our Shareholder Resolution to AGL Energy Ltd (ASX:AGL) on Paris-aligned goals and targets.

  67. Research

    Submission: Clean Energy Regulator

    A submission by ACCR in response to the proposed new carbon capture and storage method under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

  68. Research

    Submission: Senate Standing Committees on Economics

    A submission by ACCR to the Coronavirus Economic Response Package Amendment (Ending Jobkeeper Profiteering) Bill 2021 Inquiry.

  69. Research

    Cleaning up their Act?: Modern Slavery Due Diligence in the Australian Property Sector

    ACCR analysis shows that property owners continued to rely on reporting mechanisms that decades of evidence show will fail to pick up instances of modern slavery and labour abuse in their supply chains.

  70. Research

    Gaslighting: How APPEA and its members continue to oppose genuine climate action

    Climate-aware investors in APPEA’s member companies must now assertively seek to curtail lobbying that is inconsistent with limiting global warming to well below 2°C.

  71. Research

    Submission: Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth

    A submission by ACCR and Ethical Partners Funds Management to the inquiry into the prudential regulation of investment in Australia’s export industries.

  72. Research

    In-depth: Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) climate vote

    Shell released its climate transition plan, which sets out its emission reduction targets and decarbonisation strategy—read ACCR's in-depth analysis.

  73. Research

    First read: Royal Dutch Shell Energy Transition report

    Shell released its Energy Transition report, which sets out its emission reduction targets and decarbonisation strategy. This is ACCR's initial reading of the report.

  74. Research

    Case study: Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell)

    How does Shell's current climate transition plan compares to our recently released ACCR climate plan guidelines and the CA100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark?

  75. Research

    Submission: Senate Select Committee on Job Security

    ACCR's submission to the Senate Select Committee on Job Security analyses the dynamics, trends and impacts associated with this “fissuring” of the Australian workplace, highlighting the risks for workers, companies and investors.

  76. Research

    Cutting Carbon: What the rush to divest fossil fuels means for emissions reduction and engagement

    The Australian share market is one of the most carbon intensive markets in the developed world. Portfolio decarbonisation must be transparent.

  77. Research

    Submission: Independent Planning Commission of NSW consideration of Narrabri Gas Project

    The Narrabri project will imperil Australia’s commitments to the Paris Agreement and will also likely see the high cost of production create a stranded asset before the reserves are exhausted.

  78. Research

    Submission: Parliamentary Inquiry into the destruction of 46,000 year old caves at the Juukan Gorge

    Submission by the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) to the Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia, Parliamentary Inquiry into the destruction of 46,000 year old caves at the Juukan Gorge in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

  79. Research

    Submission: Review of Victoria’s Private Security Industry

    ACCR's submission to the Victorian government's inquiry into the private security industry focuses on how the dominant employment model in the security industry - namely complex labour hire and subcontracting arrangements - has led to a culture of non-compliance and endemic failure to properly apply workplace laws and instruments.

  80. Research

    Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: How Australia’s largest super funds voted on shareholder proposals 2017-2019

    All funds should disclose their entire proxy voting record, forevery proposal at every company meeting, across all jurisdictions.

  81. Research

    Labour Hire & Contracting Across the ASX100

    New analysis shows that ASX100 companies are only reporting to shareholders and the public about their direct employees, while information about their 'indirect' workforces remains unknown. This report received the RIAA ESG Research (non-broker) Award in 2021.

  82. Research

    Submission: OECD Review of Country-by-Country Reporting

    ACCR has commented on the review of the OECD’s Country-by-Country Reporting (BEPS Action 13) framework. The review is an opportunity to make significant improvements to the integrity of national and international tax systems.

  83. Research

    Submission: Unlawful underpayment of Employees' Remuneration Inquiry

    ACCR and LUCRF Super have published a joint submission to the Inquiry on the Unlawful Underpayment of Employee’s Remuneration. ACCR and LUCRF Super support regulatory changes that would facilitate the uptake of multi-stakeholder arrangements involving suppliers, lead companies, workers and worker representatives, to mitigate modern slavery, underpayments, and other labour risks.

  84. Research

    Submission: Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety: Workforce Submissions

    ACCR and Ethical Partners provided input on the discussion regarding the Aged Care workforce and on how to ensure service providers develop a culture of strong governance and workforce leadership. We believe that a considerable change in the business model, transparency and disclosure, staffing, training, monitoring and codes of conduct in this sector is required in order to consider future investment in the sector.

  85. Research

    Workforce Disclosures Across The ASX 100

    Despite growing investor interest in workforce issues, engagement on these issues is hindered by poor reporting. This report analyses how Australian-listed companies are currently reporting on key workforce issues, including employee turnover, new hires, workforce composition, and health and safety.

  86. Research

    Submission: The regulation of lobbying access and influence in NSW (‘Operation Eclipse’)

    A large part of ACCR’s work involves scrutinising the lobbying activities of Australian listed companies, as well as the industry associations that represent listed companies on various issues. ACCR has made a submission to The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)'s inquiry into Lobbying conduct and regulation in NSW.

  87. Research

    Vote Like You Mean It: A study of the proxy voting records of Australia’s largest super funds in 2018

    ACCR has analysed the proxy voting records of Australia’s 50 largest superannuation funds in 2018, on 260 shareholder proposals on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues across Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States (US).

  88. Research

    Measuring “decent work”: workforce indicators and their relevance for investors

    There is increasing recognition of the importance of the workforce in delivering the long-term strategic objectives for a company. This briefing note outlines the financial, reputational, procurement and legal risks which may derive from a failure by companies and investors to properly engage on workforce issues.

  89. Research

    Briefing Note: Managing Imported Asbestos in Australian Supply Chains

    Asbestos is still imported into Australia, despite an official ban. This briefing note describes how additional “workforce oversight” is essential in identifying asbestos which has made its way onto Australian worksites.

  90. Research

    Social risk and decent work in the health care sector

    ACCR has published the first report in a series looking at the interrelationship between decent work and company performance. This report identifies the links between workforce issues and operational performance in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. It focuses on two ASX 200 companies in this sector: Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (API), and Sigma Healthcare Ltd. (SIG).

  91. Research

    Industry Associations, ASX Companies, Shareholder Interests and Lobbying

  92. Research

    Responsible investment policies and related voting transparency of selected Australian asset owners and fund managers

    This report analyses the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, proxy voting policies and proxy voting disclosure records of 56 large Australian funds/fund managers.

  93. Research

    Report on social equity – related proxy voting in the US

    This report examines shareholder resolution proposals and outcomes on four social equity issues: gender, sexual orientation, race and disability.

  94. Research

    Human Rights and Australian Listed Companies

  95. Research

    Corporate political expenditure in Australia

  96. Research

    Shareholder resolutions on ESG issues at listed public companies: comparative practice in Australia, the US & the UK

  97. Research

    Unburnable carbon’ risk and the Australasian-listed gentailers

  98. Research

    A Guide to Shareholder Advocacy in Australia

  99. Research

    Financed emissions, ‘unburnable carbon’ risk and the major Australian banks

  100. Research

    Shareholder resolutions at listed public companies in major English-speaking countries: comparative arrangements

Data & Resources

  1. Australian ESG Shareholder Resolutions

    An open dataset of shareholder resolutions and statements on environmental or social issues that have been put to Australia's largest 200 public companies.