Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility

ACCR is a shareholder advocacy and research organisation. We use shareholder strategy to enable investors to escalate engagements with heavy-emitting companies in their portfolios, and provide research and analysis for institutional capital seeking long term value in a zero-emissions economy.

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We believe that limiting global average temperature increase in line with the Paris Agreement is in the interests of all shareholders.

Our mission is to influence changes to the strategies of our portfolio companies to decrease absolute, real world emissions, in line with the latest climate science.

Our Work

We activate investors to use their rights by utilising a suite of tools available for engagement with listed companies. If used effectively, shareholder strategies are a potent force for driving change.

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We undertake in-depth analysis on a selection of heavy-emitting companies and thematic sector research into emerging issues in the energy transition.

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Investor Insights

We draw on deep experience in equities analysis and the most current scientific research to offer institutional investors clear, timely and actionable insights.

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