Publication Investor Briefing - Woodside Energy Group Ltd 2023 AGM

Director re-elections and 2022 climate report: analysis and recommendations

This webinar discusses the members’ statements co-filed by ACCR, Vision Super and Betashares outlining our voting intentions for three long-standing Woodside directors up for re-election at the AGM on 28th April.

You can read the members’ statements in full here.

This filing is in direct response to repeated failures by the Woodside board to adequately respond to investors on climate strategy. As Woodside itself acknowledges, 'climate change is a complex and material strategic governance issue', one which is directly overseen by its Board with the support of its committees.

The Directors’ up for re-election at the April AGM are:

  • Ian Macfarlane
  • Swee Chen Goh
  • Larry Archibald

This webinar informs director voting considerations for Woodside’s 2023 AGM and also present our analysis of the 2022 Climate Report.


  • Alex Hillman, ACCR Lead Analyst
  • Harriet Kater, ACCR Company Strategy Lead
  • Dimitri Lafleur, ACCR Chief Scientist

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