Media comment, updates and analysis from the ACCR team.

  1. COVID-19

    Gas industry has its claws in the recovery commission

  2. Event

    Free Webinar: How to use your position as a shareholder to change corporate behaviour - Wednesday May 27th, 5pm AEST

  3. COVID-19

    Private Prisons, Immigration Detention and COVID-19

  4. Norwegian Government Pension Fund

    Investment giant excludes AGL over coal, puts BHP ‘under observation’

  5. Woodside AGM

    Woodside shareholders slam climate inaction

  6. Border Industrial Complex

    Big tech involvement in Covidsafe app warrants further scrutiny

  7. Santos AGM

    Santos shareholders repudiate board’s climate direction in world first vote

  8. Rio Tinto

    Rio Tinto rebukes MCA on thermal coal, does not support use of Kyoto carryover credits, but keeps funding climate wreckers

  9. Covid-19

    Airline workers must share in industry stimulus package to Qantas, Virgin, Regional Airlines

  10. Border Industrial Complex

    Corporate complicity in immigration detention heightens risk during public health crisis

  11. Rio Tinto

    ACCR garners commitment from Rio Tinto on climate-related lobbying

  12. Aged care crisis

    Covid-19 exacerbates Aged Care crisis

  13. Woodside

    Woodside to face investor pressure on expansion plans, lobbying and propaganda

  14. Coles, Wesfarmers underpayments

    Coles, Wesfarmers underpayments point to widespread governance failure

  15. Super fund voting

    Vote Like You Mean It Preliminary Report 2020

  16. Super fund voting

    Super Funds Failing To Step Up On Climate

  17. Siemens Adani

    Investors should ratchet up pressure on Siemens over Adani deal

  18. BHP

    ACCR response to BHP lobbying review

  19. BHP

    Mike Henry’s proximity to climate wreckers should concern investors

  20. Coles

    Coles AGM: Company urged to address Modern Slavery

  21. BHP

    BHP AGM: Australian investors take a stand on anti-climate lobbying

  22. Woolworths

    Woolworths underpayments a warning for governance of broader supply chains

  23. Qantas

    Qantas asylum seekers resolution — largest ever vote against a board on human rights issues

  24. Qantas

    Qantas board to face shareholders and experts on deportations and transfers to danger

  25. ANZ & NAB

    Big banks must stop funding lobbying against climate policy

  26. BHP

    BHP investors declare time’s up on anti-climate lobbying

  27. AGL

    AGL Energy AGM: Australian investors lagging on pollution

  28. BHP

    BHP under pressure on climate lobbying

  29. Coles

    ACCR files worker exploitation resolution with Coles

  30. Qantas

    Biloela family deportation facilitated by commercial entities profiting from human rights abuses

  31. Qantas

    International investor backs Qantas human rights resolution

  32. Origin

    ACCR files five shareholder resolutions with Origin

  33. Border Industrial Complex

    Aust PR company snubs international law in response to refugee abuse

  34. Aged Care

    QLD legislation recognises the importance of Aged Care workforce in providing quality care

  35. Supply chain exploitation

    ACCR: NUW report shows supermarkets must do more to manage exploitation in farm supply chains

  36. Border Industrial Complex

    Mercer PR ruling a warning to companies linked to refugee policy

  37. Workforce Disclosure Report

    ASX 100 failing to disclose workforce

  38. Proxy Voting Report

    New ACCR report finds growing support for shareholder proposals

  39. Sigma

    Unanswered questions over supply safety risks in Sigma’s supply chain

  40. Santos

    Santos challenged on climate at AGM

  41. Telstra

    Telstra to scrutinise Business Council's 'Climate Policy Obstruction'

  42. Equinor

    Equinor poised to pressure lobbyists undermining climate action

  43. Gas

    Labor ‘captured’ by gas industry

  44. Rio Tinto industry association

    Rio Tinto Industry Association commitment

  45. Shell

    Media comment: Shell’s industry association review fails Australia

  46. Social Risk Report

    New ACCR report finds decent work crucial to security of prescription drug supply

  47. Franchising Report

    Franchising report: investors must hold franchising companies accountable for widespread wage theft

  48. EPA

    Climate villains victorious in WA

  49. Santos and Woodside

    ACCR files shareholder resolutions to Santos and Woodside

  50. Santos

    Santos Climate Change Report 2019: reduce emissions by burning more gas

  51. Glencore

    Glencore declares ‘peak coal’

  52. Rocky Hill coal mine

    On the landmark Rocky Hill mine decision

  53. Banking Royal Commission

    Banking Royal Commission: regulators must overcome ‘catastrophic impotence’

  54. NAB

    Ken Henry calls out Business Council on climate; refuses to rule out Bight oil and gas projects

  55. IPCC

    Investors call for Australia to close coal power by 2030

  56. BHP

    Has BHP Chosen Coal Over Coral?

  57. NAB

    NAB commits to reviewing lobby's role in climate and energy

  58. Origin

    Origin Energy AGM: record 46% vote slams anti-climate lobby

  59. Westpac

    Westpac to scrutinise Business Council of Australia’s climate lobbying

  60. IPCC

    ACCR to increase shareholder activism after IPCC report

  61. ASIC

    ASIC report proves investors must step up on climate risk

  62. Origin

    Shareholders challenge Origin consent under UN principles

  63. Qantas

    Airlines at risk of engaging in human rights abuses as more asylum seekers and refugees await removal to Sri Lanka

  64. Qantas

    Qantas responds to deportations to danger - out of step with investors and international law

  65. Qantas

    Qantas to face shareholders at AGM - deportations to danger

  66. Qantas

    ACCR to file shareholder resolution calling on Qantas to end deportations to danger

  67. Qantas

    Shareholder action under consideration over Qantas’ position on asylum and refugee deportation

  68. Gender Report

    Gender pay equity: ASX 100 companies rated

  69. Minerals Council of Australia

    Minerals Council’s coal projections at odds with Paris Agreement

  70. Paris Agreement

    Investors have a key role to play in the energy debate

  71. Rio Tinto

    Rio Tinto: 18% vote against coal lobby

  72. Rio Tinto

    Shareholder revolt at Rio Tinto’s London AGM over “outright climate hypocrisy”

  73. BHP

    BHP to remain in the US Chamber of Commerce

  74. BHP

    BHP risks investor blowback through association with Canavan’s fossil fuels-friendly taskforce

  75. Media release

    Response to MCA’s updated energy policy

  76. Media release

    Rio Tinto decision not to allow the resolution to be heard at the UK AGM

  77. Rio Tinto

    Global investors worth AU$84 billion line up against coal lobbying: Rio resolution

  78. Minerals Council of Australia

    BHP and MCA at loggerheads on coal, again

  79. BHP

    ACCR's lines on BHP review

  80. BHP

    The Minerals Council of Australia strikes again – kills off Clean Energy Target in Australia

  81. BHP

    Minerals Council membership on the chopping block at BHP AGM tomorrow

  82. BHP

    BHP’s millions for Minerals Council speak louder than words

  83. BHP

    BHP AGM: UK investors face-to-face with Australia’s ‘decade of climate and energy policy chaos’

  84. BHP

    $430 billion CalPERS to support BHP shareholder resolution at UK AGM

  85. Minerals Council of Australia

    Brendan Pearson's resignation as CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia

  86. BHP

    BHP shareholder resolution requests end to relationship with Minerals Council of Australia

  87. BHP

    BHP responds to shareholder concerns about the Minerals Council of Australia