Media release

Deliveroo must provide investor certainty

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) welcomes the Fair Work Commission’s decision that found that a Deliveroo rider was an employee and not a contractor.

Commenting on the decision, ACCR Director of Workers’ Rights, Dr Katie Hepworth, said:

“Today’s decision is another nail in the coffin for Deliveroo’s business model.

“Globally, we have seen country after country cracking down on the gig company’s attempts to outsource responsibility for their riders by classifying them as independent contractors.

“The recent Deliveroo IPO showed that workforce models are financially material. Today’s decision raises the prospect of further regulation, and calls into question the profitability of Deliveroo’s current business model.

“Investors must call on Deliveroo to provide certainty to it’s riders and investors by adopting an employee model in their business.”