Media release

Rio harassment report: disturbing findings, transparency welcome

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility​ (ACCR) welcomes the publication of the Report into Workplace Culture at Rio Tinto conducted by former Australian sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick.

Brynn O’Brien, Executive Director (ACCR) said:

“ACCR welcomes Rio Tinto’s transparency through the publication of this report in full.

“Leadership and accountability at all levels is required to eliminate unacceptable cultures of racism, sexism and bullying from our workplaces. Rio has taken the first step and is leading the mining industry with this report.

“We welcome that.

“This report had harrowing findings: 28% of the company’s surveyed female workforce have reported sexual harassment at work (along with 6.7% of the male workforce), and almost 50% of the workforce have reported bullying over the past five years.

“Workplace harassment and bullying affects productivity, workforce retention and company reputation. The evidence suggests that it is widespread across the resources sector and beyond.”