Media release

ACCR launches Global Climate Insights

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) has today announced it will be offering in-depth company-level climate analysis of internationally listed companies, via a new research group called Global Climate Insights (GCI).

Developed in response to demand, GCI will analyse a company’s climate commitments and independently assess whether it is on track to achieve its stated climate goals. The first company being studied is Royal Dutch Shell.

Commenting on the launch of Global Climate Insights, Brynn O’Brien, Executive Director at ACCR said:

“In ACCR’s engagement with institutional investors, many expressed a desire to understand the climate implications of corporate strategies in an actionable, meaningful way.

“Global Climate Insights is a new initiative, powered by ACCR, that answers this gap in the market and helps investors assess the credibility of corporate climate plans.

“It takes our coverage beyond Australia, looking at key stocks worldwide whose decarbonisation plans will have a material impact on global goals.

“Climate change is the defining challenge of the 21st century. While companies with the strategic vision to thrive in a zero carbon economy will deliver long term value to investors, companies that cannot demonstrate alignment put portfolios and the planet at risk.

“We are excited to help investors navigate the sea of climate-related risks and opportunities with this new research offering.”


Global Climate Insights has assembled a team of professionals with deep equity research, energy and climate science expertise. Shu Ling Liauw, with over 15 years of experience in the investment banking sector, leads the research. Carbon analyst, Dimitri Lafleur, brings with him a combination of 11 years of experience working as a geoscientist for the oil and gas industry and a doctorate in atmospheric climate science. This team’s interdisciplinary skill set puts them in a unique position to interrogate the financial and climate integrity of company statements.