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Mike Henry’s proximity to climate wreckers should concern investors

Commenting on the appointment of Mike Henry as the new CEO of BHP Group, ACCR’s Director of Climate and Environment, Dan Gocher, said:

“The appointment of Mike Henry as the new CEO of BHP should concern climate-aware investors.

“In ACCR’s assessment, Mike Henry has been responsible for the relationships that have exposed BHP to grief from its investors over the last two years.

“Henry or his direct reports have been involved at the most senior level of the organisations most responsible for obstructing effective climate policy in Australia, including the Minerals Council of Australia, Coal21 and the Business Council of Australia.

“For example, Henry’s direct report, David Ruddell, would likely have had oversight of Coal21’s recently exposed plans to spend $4-5 million on a campaign to make Australians feel proud about coal.

“Investors should be concerned by Henry’s close involvement with these industry associations, and should seek to ensure that BHP’s current commitment to review its memberships results in meaningful consequences: exit or substantive change in policy and/or personnel.

“Given this record it would be naive to expect that Mike Henry will be a climate champion.”

Minerals Council of Australia: Mike Henry is Vice Chairman

Coal21: David Ruddell is a Director (VP of Planning and Technical, Minerals Australia; reports to Mike Henry)

Business Council of Australia: Mike Henry is a Member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee

BHP also has representation on the boards of the following organisations:

NSW Minerals Council: Jon Richards is a Director (Principal, Government Relations, BHP)

Queensland Resources Council: James Palmer is a Director (Asset President, BHP Mitsubishi Alliance)

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