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Solution to shortfall is getting off gas

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility​ (ACCR) is commenting on forecasts from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that suggest there is a risk of a shortfall of gas in the east coast gas market from 2026, announced today.

Dan Gocher, Director of Climate & Environment at the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) said:

“The solution to a projected gas shortfall is not more gas supply, but to incentivise businesses and households to get off gas.

“The gas industry continues to promote the use of fossil gas for cooking and heating in homes despite study after study showing how detrimental it is to public health. The industry has also criticised and actively blocked efforts to ban gas connections to new buildings.

“Some local governments have taken steps to phase out gas connections, but state and federal governments must do more to encourage energy efficiency and the electrification of small businesses and households.

“Getting off gas is a no-brainer for households. If we are serious about the best health outcomes and getting to net zero, then we must dramatically reduce domestic gas demand.

“With demand expected to remain stable until the early 2030s, it is clear that we do not have the policies in place to encourage electrification.

“It is absurd that the world’s largest LNG exporter could possibly have a domestic gas shortfall. The parasitic gas terminals in Gladstone must be held to account.

“The ACCC has fallen into the gas industry’s trap by suggesting that hydrogen should be fed into domestic gas networks. This will do little to address emissions from fossil gas, but it will protect industry incumbents.”

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