ACCR Company Engagement BHP Group Ltd

Mining and metals giant BHP Group Ltd (BHP, formerly BHP Billiton Limited) is a diversified natural resources company.

BHP sits among the world’s top producers of major commodities, including iron ore, metallurgical coal and copper. It also has substantial interests in oil, gas and energy coal. A multinational and dual-listed company, BHP is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and is one of the largest listed companies on the ASX.


  1. Media release

    Woodside and BHP Scarborough project conflicts with a net zero future

    The Woodside and BHP Scarborough project is at odds with the expectations of investors for companies to align their capital expenditure and decarbonisation strategies with the Paris Agreement.

  2. Media release

    BHP investors remain focused on lobby groups

    “With this vote, investors have demonstrated to BHP that they remain focused on the impact of its industry associations on both Australian democracy and on climate action.”

  3. Media release

    BHP resolution withdrawn: First Nations Alliance reaches outcome with BHP

    “The measures the First Nations Alliance have secured with BHP could not have happened without the interest of the investment sector and the communication of their expectations about companies’ cultural heritage management.”

  4. Media release

    BHP dumps QRC; Origin and Santos should do the same

    “BHP has proven the value of ACCR’s shareholder resolution—some industry associations simply won’t change unless there are financial consequences”.

  5. Briefing note

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to BHP Group on cultural heritage and lobbying

    Read the background and reasoning behind upcoming shareholder resolutions to BHP Group on cultural heritage protection and on lobbying relating to COVID-19 Recovery, and ACCR's recommendation that shareholders vote against the re-election of BHP board member Malcolm Broomhead.

  6. Media release

    Gas lobby secures taxpayer funding from Federal government for a failing industry

    “The Federal government may have finally given up on thermal coal but the carbon lobby won’t be deterred, by pushing gas, another dirty fossil fuel - which is proven to have the same, if not worse emissions than coal once fugitive methane emissions are factored in.”

  7. Media release

    BHP must commit to cutting fossil fuel production

  8. Shareholder Resolution

    ACCR Shareholder Resolutions to BHP on cultural heritage and lobbying

    ACCR has filed Shareholder Resolutions to BHP Group Ltd (ASX:BHP) requesting the a moratorium on the damage, removal or destruction of cultural heritage sites until laws are strengthened, remove gag orders on traditional owners and cease lobbying efforts on COVID-19 recovery which are inconsistent with Paris targets.