Investor Insight ACCR Presentation on the green steel transformation

Webinar to discuss insights from ACCR's recently published report, Forging pathways: Insights for the green steel transformation.

Investors, companies and policy-makers are facing a critical time window for decarbonising the steel industry. 71% of the world’s blast furnaces are due to reach the end of their operating lives between now and 2030, which means decisions to invest capital in refurbishing blast-furnaces, rather than available green steel processes, risks locking-in coal based methods for decades to come.

This webinar delivers key insights into the latest technological, corporate and policy developments in the race to decarbonise the steel sector.

Dr Fiona Deutsch, Lead Analyst at ACCR, presents the headlines from this report, the corporate progress being undertaken on steel decarbonisation, plus actions that investors can take now to support emissions reductions and value-accretive capital allocation.

“It’s very clear from our research that the shift towards green steel is underway and that this is a sector that no longer deserves the reputation of being ‘hard-to-abate’.”

Dr Jorrit Gosens, Fellow at the Centre for Climate and Energy Policy at Australian National University (ANU), presents his work to model iron ore and steel trade pathways, plus share insights from his extensive research into decarbonisation policy in China and what it means for investors.

Jasmine Fowler-Morrow, Analyst at ACCR, presents new insights from a survey of over 500 investors, revealing global sentiments on green steel’s impact on investments, perceived barriers and opportunities, and concerns over stranded assets, reputation risks and metallurgical coal.

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