ACCR Company Engagement Glencore Plc

Glencore PLC is a Switzerland-based diversified natural resource company.

Glencore plc produces, refines, processes, stores, transports, and markets metals and minerals, and energy products in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The company produces and markets copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, lead, chrome ore, ferrochrome, vanadium, alumina, aluminum, tin, and iron ore. It also engages in the oil exploration/production, distribution, storage, and bunkering activities; and offers coal, crude oil and oil products, refined products, and natural gas.

Glencore is the biggest producer of thermal coal in Australia. Glencore has plans for new and expanded coal mines, including a greenfield coal mine in Qld. In 2022, ACCR undertook an analysis of Glencore’s progress on its climate plan, finding the company’s forward coal production and emissions targets are not aligned with 1.5C. ACCR also released a short report into the super-emitting Glencore Hail Creek coal mine, estimating the company is materially underestimating fugitive methane emissions from coal operations in Australia.


  1. Media release

    Glencore shareholders deliver rebuke to board over coal plans

    ACCR is commenting on the results of the Glencore annual general meeting (AGM), held yesterday in Zug, Switzerland.

  2. Research

    Glencore’s Methane Problem

    Analysis of Glencore’s underreporting of methane emissions

  3. Media release

    New research: ‘Damning’ - Glencore’s emissions baseline understated by at least 24%

    ACCR has published new analysis of the impact of underreported methane emissions on Glencore’s operational emissions footprint.

  4. Research

    Glencore Plc: Assessment of progress against its climate plan

    ACCR believes the overwhelming support Glencore received for its climate plan in 2021 was unwarranted, and there is ample reason to vote against its climate plan and progress at the 2022 AGM.

  5. Media release

    Cognitive dissonance: Glencore’s coal expansion plans are not ‘responsible’

    ACCR is calling on Glencore shareholders to oppose Glencore’s second ‘Say on Climate’ (vote on progress), and the re-election of Peter Coates.