ACCR Company Engagement Origin Energy Ltd

With electricity, natural gas, solar and LPG, Origin Energy Limited is a leading provider of energy to homes and businesses throughout Australia.

An integrated, publicly listed company, Origin Energy‘s key operating segments include exploration & production, generation, renewable energy & selling energy. The company is headquartered in Sydney and has offices, generation sites, exploration acreages and production facilities across Australia, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.


  1. Media release

    AGL and Origin writedowns: stranded assets in real time

    “This is a problem largely of the companies’ own making, having acquired the coal-fired power stations from state governments in the last decade, knowing full well the risks embedded in emissions intensive assets”.

  2. Media release

    Origin AGM: transparency on Indigenous consent and climate lobbying must improve

    Origin Energy cannot continue to ignore investor concerns on the consent of Indigenous communities and lobbying.

  3. Briefing note

    Investor briefing: Shareholder Resolutions to Origin Energy on FPIC and lobbying

    Read the background and reasoning behind upcoming shareholder resolutions to Origin Energy on consent and fracking, and lobbying relating to COVID-19 Recovery

  4. Media release

    BHP dumps QRC; Origin and Santos should do the same

    “BHP has proven the value of ACCR’s shareholder resolution—some industry associations simply won’t change unless there are financial consequences”.

  5. Media release

    Gas lobby secures taxpayer funding from Federal government for a failing industry

    “The Federal government may have finally given up on thermal coal but the carbon lobby won’t be deterred, by pushing gas, another dirty fossil fuel - which is proven to have the same, if not worse emissions than coal once fugitive methane emissions are factored in.”

  6. Shareholder Resolution

    ACCR Shareholder Resolutions to Origin Energy on lobbying and consent for fracking

    ACCR's Shareholder Resolution to Origin Energy calls on the company to establish an independent review of consent processes with Aboriginal Native Title holders, and to review the climate lobbying of its industry associations.