Incitec Pivot and the chemical industries

Incitec Pivot manufactures explosives, chemicals and fertilisers used by the agriculture and resources sectors. They operate throughout Asia Pacific and the Americas (through Dyno Nobel).

Incitec Pivot does not consider climate change a material risk, and it intends to reduce emissions by just 5% by 2026 (on 2020 levels). They have plans to develop the 270PJ Range gas project in Queensland, and remain a member of several industry associations opposed to effective climate policy, including the World Coal Association.

Company Engagement

As part of the 'Say On Climate' initiative, ACCR is proposing to put forward a resolution to Incitec Pivot Ltd ASX: IPL. We are also proposing to file on Incitec Pivot’s membership of industry associations that actively undermine effective climate action in Australia.

Shareholders in Incitec Pivot

If you hold shares in Incitec Pivot and would like to take part in making this potential resolution happen, you can register your shareholdings with ACCR via the Shareholder Hub.

If you don’t currently own Incitec Pivot shares and would like to find out more or if you have any specific questions, please email

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