ACCR Company Engagement Incitec Pivot Ltd

Incitec Pivot Ltd is a global company that produces and exports a wide range of explosives, industrial chemicals and fertilisers to service the agriculture and resources sectors.

Incitec Pivot was formed when phosphate co-operative Pivot Limited and Incitec Fertilisers merged in 2003. The company has 2 customer-facing businesses: Dyno Nobel in the Americas and Asia Pacific regions and Incitec Pivot Fertilisers in Australia.

As part of the 'Say On Climate' initiative, ACCR is proposing to put forward a resolution to Incitec Pivot Ltd ASX: IPL. We are also proposing to file on Incitec Pivot’s membership of industry associations that actively undermine effective climate action in Australia.


  1. Media release

    Incitec Pivot must set Paris-aligned targets

    ACCR has filed a shareholder resolution with ASX-listed explosives and fertiliser manufacturer Incitec Pivot Ltd (ASX:IPL), calling on the company to set emissions reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement.

  2. Shareholder Resolution

    ACCR Shareholder Resolution to Incitec Pivot Ltd on Paris-aligned targets

    ACCR has filed a Shareholder Resolution to Incitec Pivot Ltd (ASX: IPL) on Paris-aligned targets