Investor Insight ACCR Presentation on Shell’s 2024 AGM

Webinar to discuss ACCR’s research and voting intentions in the lead up to Shell’s AGM in May.

We present our analysis of Shell’s Energy Transition Strategy 2024, which investors will be voting on at the 2024 AGM. In this context, we also provide commentary on Shell’s LNG Outlook 2024. LNG is central to the company’s forward-looking strategy, however we assess the inaccurate assumptions underpinning demand growth. This retreat towards an increased focus on fossil fuel expansion increases risks for investors and raises multiple issues in relation to how investors should use their votes at the upcoming annual meeting.

We also present findings from our recent research into Shell’s lack of lobbying disclosures in emerging markets. We see enhanced disclosures as crucial considering the important role emerging markets are slated to play in the company’s forward strategy and decarbonisation.

Watch this webinar to inform your voting considerations for Shell’s 2024 AGM.


Nick Spooner, ACCR Company Strategy (UK Lead)

Sam Hall, ACCR Climate Policy Engagement Analyst

Hosted by ACCR’s Company Strategy Lead, Naomi Hogan.

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