Investor Insight ACCR at Responsible Investment Standards & Expectations Webinar

ACCR Chief Scientist, Dimitri Lafleur, speaks to the urgency of transitioning the global economy.

ShareAction has released its first guidance paper in a series that set out Responsible Investment Standards & Expectations (RISE). It recommends actions that asset managers can - and should - take in today's investment environment to work towards being a truly responsible investor.

This first paper sets out how asset managers can set interim net zero targets to ensure we are not exceeding the carbon budget for each stage. Overspending the carbon budget in the near-to-medium term would significantly steepen the challenge achieving a 1.5C future.

Interim targets should:

  • underpin the commitment to increase coverage to 100% of assets under management
  • primarily report on absolute emissions
  • disclose underlying contributions from portfolio companies
  • calibrate the ambition to reflect the geographical mix of the portfolio

Our Chief Scientist, Dimitri Lafleur, joined the webinar accompanying the release of the first report. He talks about the economic and environmental urgency of transitioning the global economy.

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