Investor Insight ACCR Presentation on Santos Ltd’s 2024 AGM

Webinar to discuss the members' statement against the re-election of the Chair, Keith Spence and Santos’ Growth Strategy.

This webinar discusses the members’ statement proposed by ACCR and over 100 Santos shareholders outlining ACCR’s voting intentions against the re-election of the Chair, Keith Spence, at the AGM on 11th April 2024.

The members’ statement says a vote against Mr Spence is warranted because under his direction the Santos board has failed to deliver a company strategy that maximises shareholder value.

The webinar also looks at our latest research - Santos’ growth strategy: will it deliver for shareholders?

Santos’ current capex-heavy production growth strategy, in an industry that is in long-term structural decline, is not the optimal strategy to maximise shareholder returns.

ACCR hosted this briefing to inform voting considerations for the 2024 Santos AGM.

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