We are a world-class climate engagement organisation for shareholders that want to see real-world impact, and we rely on philanthropic support to do our work.

It is our achievements that set us apart; our successful strategy underpinned by our deep dive equities research, in-house climate science expertise, active investor networks, and long experience.

All donations significantly increase our ability to deepen and strengthen our ongoing company campaigns to bring about change.

ACCR has a proven impact, we are on a growth trajectory to expand our company coverage, and we have no time to waste. Support ACCR in our mission to use shareholder tools to decrease absolute real world emissions.


Donations to our Research Fund are tax deductible for Australian tax residents. Donations to support our advocacy work are also very welcome but are not tax-deductible. One off or regular donations may be set up here.

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Grants & Partnerships

Our partnering funders are instrumental in ensuring we can deliver on shareholder strategy, corporate engagement and investor stewardship. We welcome discussions with grantors interested in funding our work as a whole or specific projects. Explore how to become a funding partner of ACCR.

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