How we work

At Global Climate Insights, we provide in-depth, timely company level analysis for investors seeking to find long term value in a zero-emissions economy.

We typically release short previews of our reports a few weeks before the full report is published. During this time, exclusive access to the full report is reserved for institutional investors.

We listen to investors on what they need so that our research products can be their tool in having a constructive, informed conversation with stakeholders, whether they be companies or civil society.

We also provide tailored analytical services investors on the companies we cover, when it is sought. This service is in development and can range from simple quantitative analysis on company data to providing materiality assessments for corporate negotiations.

To access our reports during the exclusivity period, please get in touch with our Head of Investor Relations, Marina Lou (


We believe:

  • Climate is a driver of risk and opportunities in the 21st century
  • Companies that can keep innovative pace to thrive in a zero-emissions world will generate long term value for investors
  • Our research cuts through the noise of ESG ratings and corporate data to help investors find long term value.

Our Global Climate Insights team, with deep experience in equities analysis, climate and carbon research, provides investors with clear, actionable insights on the climate transition plans of major global companies. We deep dive into company-level analysis, testing the credibility of information supplied, and assessing the level of risk we see in the companies’ plans.


For updates

To receive updates on our work, please subscribe to Global Climate Insights. If you’d like to discuss our work in more detail, please email

We are powered by the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) - a research and shareholder advocacy organisation based in Australia. Our team sits within ACCR but operates as a distinct initiative - globally focused and founded on equities analysis for a global investor audience. ACCR is philanthropically funded, not-for-profit, and does not receive any support from listed companies.


Citing Global Climate Insights reports as a source

The preferred attribution when using Global Climate Insights findings is: “Source: Global Climate Insights, (YEAR).”

Using Global Climate Insights figures

Please note our GHG numbers and figures are in CO2e unless otherwise stated.

The preferred attribution when using Global Climate Insights numbers, especially when they are forecasts is: “Source: Global Climate Insights estimates (YEAR)”

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