About GCI

At Global Climate Insights, we seek to ensure a safer climate through in-depth, timely company level research and analysis.

We believe:

  • Climate is a driver of risk and opportunities in the 21st century
  • Companies that thrive in a zero emissions world will generate long term value for investors
  • The gap between company rhetoric and their action is where investors can hold companies to account

There is a growing wealth of diverse information on climate change and its impact on the outlook for us all, including major business. Companies globally are increasingly disclosing climate impacts and offering their shareholders votes on their climate transition plans and performance against those plans. For investors, the challenge lies in analysing the array of company and other climate information, to properly assess climate impacts on a company level, and to assess the credibility of those companies’ climate transition plans.

Our Global Climate Insights team, with deep experience in equities analysis, climate and carbon research, provides investors with clear actionable insights on the climate transition plans of major global companies. We deep dive into company level analysis, testing the credibility of information provided, and assessing the level of risk we see in the companies’ plans.

As an example of our work, Global Climate Insights issued a report on Royal Dutch Shell’s transition plan. We are currently focused on oil and gas companies, as systemically important companies from an emissions point of view. We will expand our sector coverage over time.


We share our work for no charge to investors seeking to make more informed assessments of the climate impacts on their investments. To receive our periodic company-level and sectoral analysis, including analysis of the climate transition plans of major companies as they are announced, and other updates as they happen, please subscribe to Global Climate Insights. If you’d like to discuss our work in more detail, please email contact@globalclimateinsights.org.

We are powered by the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) - a research and shareholder advocacy organisation based in Australia. Our team sits within ACCR but operates as a distinct initiative - globally focused and founded on equities analysis for a global investor audience. Global Climate Insights is independent of ACCR’s other work. ACCR is philanthropically funded, not-for-profit, and does not receive any support from listed companies.

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