Rio Tinto

ACCR has been engaging with Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO) on the issue of lobbying by its industry associations for a number of years now. We remain concerned that some of these groups continue to stand in the way of ambitious climate policy at both state and federal level. The industry associations we are most concerned by are the Business Council of Australia, the Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA, the Minerals Council of Australia and the Queensland Resources Council.

In early 2019, Rio Tinto laid down some ‘red lines’ that it expected its industry associations to adhere to. We believe some of these ‘red lines’ have been breached, particularly during the 2019 Federal election campaign. We intend to engage with Rio Tinto in the new year, and ask that the company attach consequences to its relationships with obstructive industry associations, rather than simply conducting another policy review.

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