ACCR Company Engagement Tassal Group Limited

Tassal Group Limited is a Tasmanian-based Australian salmon farming company, founded in 1986.

Tassal's operations include hatching, farming, processing, sales and marketing of Atlantic salmon. Tassal offers its products under 4 different brands: Tassal, Superior Gold, Tasmanian Smokehouse and De Costi Seafoods. It is the largest producer of Tasmanian-grown Atlantic salmon, supplying salmon to both domestic and international markets. Tassal has also recently included prawns in its portfolio.

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) has previously engaged Tassal on its exposure to climate risk and is currently seeking a meeting with the company to discuss the issues raised in ‘Toxic’. We are also considering the lodgement of a shareholder resolution to request that Tassal formally respond to the issues raised, and potentially lay out a plan to transition to land-based farming.

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