ACCR Company Engagement Oil Search Ltd

Oil Search Limited is an oil and gas producer based in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Oil Search listed on the ASX in 1974. It is also listed on the PNG share market and its ADRs trade on the United States over-the-counter market. Today, Oil Search operates all of PNG’s producing oil fields. It is the largest company in PNG and its biggest investor, holding a 29% share of the ExxonMobil-operated PNG LNG Project. In 2018, Oil Search acquired and now operates a portfolio of oil leases in Alaska, United States. It is currently in the process of merging with Santos Ltd, which would increase the company’s scale and geographic diversification.

ACCR engaged with Oil Search Ltd (ASX:OSH) for the Say on Climate initiative for company transparency on climate reporting and annual non-binding votes by shareholders.


  1. Media release

    Santos and Oil Search merger compounds stranded asset risk

    The vast majority of planned Santos and Oil Search projects are inconsistent with a safe climate and are vulnerable to asset stranding in the face of escalating global decarbonisation efforts.

  2. Media release

    Santos and Oil Search merger climate vandalism of the highest order

    The Santos and Oil Search merger demonstrates that neither company is serious about taking climate action, and that their only goal is to maximise oil and gas production at a time when climate chaos is raging across the northern hemisphere.

  3. Media release

    Oil Search adopts ‘Say on Climate’

    We welcome the move by Oil Search (ASX:OSH) to adopt the Say on Climate initiative and provide shareholders with a non-binding vote on the company’s Climate Change Report at next year’s AGM.

  4. Media release

    Oil Search urged to adopt ‘Say on Climate’ as momentum builds

    “Oil Search’s only climate target relates to emissions intensity. It has no plan to reduce emissions over the short-, medium- or long-term.".

  5. Shareholder Resolution

    ACCR Shareholder Resolution to Oil Search Ltd to adopt Say on Climate reporting

    ACCR has filed a Shareholder Resolution to Oil Search Ltd asking for an annual vote on the adoption of a Climate Report consistent with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Climate Action 100+ Net-Zero Company Benchmark as developed by institutional investors.