The resolution says:  

That, in consideration of the annual directors’ report the shareholders express their concern at the absence in the report of:

(a) an assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to our bank’s financing activities;

(b) our exposure to climate change risks, particularly ‘unburnable carbon’, in our lending and investing activities;

(c) a description of the ways we are reducing those risks compared with best practice (for example, by the setting of  targets to reduce our financed emissions).

Resolution form

There is a form for the resolution for each bank.  Please down load the one(s) for your bank(s), sign and send it to GPO Box 1596, Canberra, ACT 2600 Australia.  Please also send an email to us at so we have you email and can update you on the campaign.  These banks are still to be lodged and we welcome your participation.  Please mail to arrive by early October.

We have already lodged the resolutions for CBA and you can see them here.

Why are there more than one resolution on the form?

We are still negotiating with institutional shareholders and company secretaries about the exact text.  We will only be moving one ordinary resolution at each bank AGM.

What are the special resolutions?

These are resolutions to change the companies constitution to make it easier to move resolutions like this in the future.

Which banks will be involved?

ANZ, NAB & Westpac.  The resolution has already been lodged for CBA.

If I wish to participate  what shares do I need to hold?

You need to hold fully paid ordinary shares, ie with the ticker ANZ, CBA, NAB or WBC. Only holders of these shares have the right to support resolutions for consideration at AGM’s. Holders of preference shares, floating rate notes etc do not have these rights.

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