ACCR in the media

Sydney Morning Herald Big investors backed shareholder campaigns on climate, human rights 23/2/18

Sydney Morning Herald Shareholders want power to 'escalate' issues 27/10/17

Human Rights Law Centre Government ignores advice of expert group on business and human rights 18/10/17

Eureka Street Building social justice through shareholder advocacy 25/5/17


Rio Resolution

Responsible Investor Proxy advisors criticised over Rio Tinto climate advice 8/5/18

The Conversation Rio Tinto’s climate change resolution marks a significant shift in investor culture 3/5/18

24 Australia How Even Greenies Like Me Vote Against Climate Change Action 3/5/18

The Australian Financial Review Rio Tinto defends political lobbyists despite Guinea scandal 2/5/18

The Sydney Morning Herald Rio Tinto delivers strong defence of its climate change stance 2/5/18

Mining News Rio goes head to head with shareholders over lobbyists 2/5/18

Mining Journal Rio defends alliances at AGM 2/5/18

The Australian Financial Review Rio Tinto climate resolution tipped to fall short 30/4/18

The Telegraph Rio Tinto faces investor showdown over coal lobby groups 28/4/18

Sydney Morning Herald Super funds put heat on Rio Tinto over lobby groups 25/4/18

The Australian Financial Review Australian Council of Superannuation Investors backs Rio Tinto lobby group review 20/4/18

The Big Smoke Australia BHP sides with climate wreckers, US Chamber of Commerce and Minerals Council of Australia 12/4/18

City A.M. Mining giant Rio Tinto faces shareholder revolt over climate change issues 11/4/18

The Australian Business Review Rio sticks with Minerals Council of Australia despite green activists 15/3/18

The Canberra Times Minerals Council goes cold on coal in new energy policy 14/3/18

Chief Investment Officer Church of England Joins Rio Tinto Resolution 12/3/18

The Financial Times Advocacy group says Rio denies UK investor vote on fossil fuel memberships 9/3/18

ABC Radio Rio Tinto facing shareholder revolt over energy policy 3/3/18

AP7 Vad det är roligt att jobba ihop! 3/3/18

The Australian Financial Review Investors challenge Rio Tinto to review Mineral Council of Australia membership 2/3/18

The Guardian Rio Tinto faces $84bn shareholder revolt over membership of Minerals Council 2/3/18

City A.M. Shareholders worth £47bn set to force Rio Tinto to review its relationship with industry bodies blocking climate change progress 2/3/18

The Sustainability Report ACCR seeking shareholders for resolution at Rio Tinto AGM 9/2/18 Rio investors asked to push miner to leave Minerals Council of Australia 6/2/18

The Guardian Rio Tinto investors recruited to force mining giant to quit Minerals Council 6/2/18

The Australian Financial Review Activist ACCR targets Rio Tinto over Minerals Council links 29/1/18


BHP Resolution

RE New Economy BHP gives World Coal Association the cold shoulder – but it’s no climate saint 13/4/18

The Sustainability Report BHP Billiton to maintain membership in US Chamber of Commerce 6/4/18

The Australian Financial Review BHP formally leaves World Coal Association over climate change stance 5/4/18

The Canberra Times BHP to stick with US group despite 'material' divergence on climate 5/4/18

MENAFN BHP confirms exit from world coal body over climate stance 5/4/18

VN Express World's biggest miner BHP to exit global coal body over climate change policy 2/2/18

The Responsible Investor Paul Hodgson: BHP, another US Chamber of Commerce deserter? 10/01/18

The Australian Financial Review BHP threat won't stop Minerals Council coal advertising push 10/01/18

Sydney Morning Herald 'Disappointed' coal lobby group delivers a rebuke to BHP 20/12/17

Australian Financial Review BHP misrepresented climate stance, says lobby group the World Coal Association 20/12/17

The Wall Street Journal Mining Giant BHP Breaks With Coal Lobby Over Paris Agreement 19/12/17

The New York Times B.H.P. Billiton, Acknowledging Climate Change, to Quit Coal Group 19/12/17

Financial Times BHP to exit World Coal Association over climate policy 19/12/17

The Australian Financial Review BHP gives Minerals Council a climate ultimatum 19/12/17

ABC News BHP set to leave World Coal Association, threatens Minerals Council withdrawal 19/12/17

Sydney Morning Herald Are Australia's business lobby groups past their peak? 18/12/17

ABC Radio National The Big Australian under pressure to quit Minerals Council over coal lobbying 17/11/17

ABC News The world's biggest miner faced its shareholders in Melbourne 16/11/17

The Australian Financial Review Can the Minerals Council dig itself out of a hole? 9/11/17

ABC News BHP backs green groups over the Minerals Council as industry rift widens 9/11/12

The Guardian BHP opposes Minerals Council of Australia's war on activist rights 8/11/17

The Guardian BHP expected to reject activists' push to give shareholders a greater voice 19/10/17

BusinessGreen Time for BHP to stop funding attacks on climate action 18/10/17

The Australian Financial Review Letter to the Editor in response to 'Issue-based activism the new 'lawfare' 16/10/17

The Australian Financial Review Issue-based activism is the new 'lawfare' 4/10/17

The Australian Coal loses as Pearson leaves Minerals Council 4/10/17

Australian Financial Review Having deposed Grant King, proxy now backs BHP 3/10/17

Australian Financial Review Barnaby Joyce blames BHP for minerals council turmoil 26/9/17

Australian Mining Minerals Council of Australia CEO to resign 25/9/17

Minerals Council of Australia Minerals Council of Australia CEO to Step Down 25/9/17

End Coal BHP under pressure to dump pro-coal lobby groups over climate policy 20/9/17

The Newcastle Herald BHP under shareholder pressure to sever ties with Minerals Council 20/9/17

Sydney Morning Herald BHP facing shareholder demand it dumps membership of the Minerals Council of Australia 19/9/17

ABC BHP considering Minerals Council exit over lobby group's climate policies 19/9/17

Australian Financial Review BHP to review Minerals Council membership after green push 19/9/17

The Australian BHP Billiton distances itself from MCA's position on climate change 19/9/17

The Bull BHP investors want Minerals Council exit 19/9/17

Reuters BHP pressed to quit Australian mining lobby over climate views 19/9/17


Human Rights

Energy News BHP, other 'carbon majors' summoned to inquiry 4/4/18

Lawyers Weekly Modern slavery regulation an opportunity for businesses, experts say 16/10/17

The Sydney Morning Herald How the new generation of activists corners boards 14/10/17

The Constant Investor Woolworths facing shareholder resolution asking for human rights supply chain disclosure 11/10/17

Executive Career Abuses Assessed in ASX Leaders 10/10/17

Sydney Morning Herald Unions and Super Funds Up Ante on Human Rights Abuses 7/10/17

The Sustainability Report Woolworths facing shareholder resolution asking for human rights supply chain disclosure 6/10/17


Woolworths Resolution

The Australian Business Review Woolworths agrees to labour hire firm blitz 23/11/17

Logistics and Materials Handling Woolworths reaffirms ethical fresh food supply chain commitment 23/11/17

The Australian Business Review Social Activists Hijack Woolworths 27/10/17

The Sydney Morning Herald How the new generation of activists corners boards 14/10/17

The Constant Investor Woolworths facing shareholder resolution asking for human rights supply chain disclosure 11/10/17 

Executive Career Abuses Assessed in ASX Leaders 10/10/17

Herbert Smith Freehill Government and Activists Increase Focus on Modern Slavery Risks 6/9/17

The Sustainability Report Woolworths facing shareholder resolution asking for human rights supply chain disclosure 6/10/17


Other Media of Interest

Australian Financial Review Letters: coal power, APRA and banks 5/4/18

The Newcastle Herald Coal, Renewables can co-exist: industry 3/4/18

The Canberra Times Coal industry campaign dwarfs political spending by green groups 2/2/18

The Guardian Miners receive twice as much in tax credits as Australia spends on environment 2/2/18

The Australian Financial Review BHP's pitch for trust causing Canberra heartburn 13/11/17

Corporate Social Report ACSI has recommended reform to allow shareholders to propose resolutions on ESG issues 26/10/17

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