Everybody's not concerned about the same issues, but, when you join ACCR, it is a sign that you will consider the possibility of co-operating with other shareholders. If they’re concerned about child slavery and you’re not, that's fine. You are not compelled to collaborate with them just because you are a member of ACCR.

Each year our staff investigate companies or issues that may be of concern to our members so that they can decide for themselves where and when they want to exert their shareholder rights. We welcome suggestions about issues we might look at, and each year members may choose a number of issues which they would like us to focus on.


What difference will joining the ACCR make for me?

In the short term, you will be able to choose to receive information, or even to attend a meeting we call, about our research and planned engagement on a particular issue or with a particular company or super fund. At this stage you might learn something new about what a company actually does with its shareholders' money.

You might then feel less lonely when you worry about what's being done in your name as a shareholder, investor or fund member.

You will also be able to contact us with your own concerns. You might wish to express your views about particular corporate activities you think we should address.

In the longer term, you will be able to tell us of some particular issue that worries you, about the company you hold shares in. We might link you up with like-minded people or organisations. Then, with our help, you might engage with the company, by way of agreeing on the wording of a letter which expresses your concerns. Someone you approve of might speak at the AGM of that company. You and some other shareholders might even decide to put a motion at the meeting which could then be considered by all shareholders.You might like to donate some money which would help us do more of this work to improve Australian corporate culture.

You won't have to do any of these things. Maybe you'll just be an interested observer who can tell other people more about what is happening in the corporate world.

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