Human Rights Risks

Our benchmark report on Human Rights and Australian Listed Companies found that many Australian companies have a long way to go when it comes to identifying, addressing and disclosing human rights-related risks.

Our first target was Woolworths which performed poorly in our survey of the policies and procedures aimed at ensuring people’s human rights aren’t violated within company supply chains. Woolworths complex and extensive agricultural supply chains expose them to significant risks: recently we’ve seen reports of extreme labour exploitation on Australian farms, not to mention the slave-like conditions people work in, in other parts of the globe, to produce products which end up on this companies’ shelves.

Woolworths scored under 20% in our survey.

Put simply, this company can and should do a lot better.


ACCR put forward a resolution at the Woolworths 2017 AGM. You can read the ASX announcement here

 You can read our final resolution here.

Our resolution was withdrawn after WOW and NUW reached a historic agreement on the human rights of farmworkers. Read our statement and the Woolworths announcement here.

 Read Woolworths Group’s response on ethical sourcing and supply chain human rights here


In order to file a substantive resolution on climate/human rights issues in Australia, shareholders need to propose an amendment to the company's constitution which allows them to do so. Therefore, ACCR has also proposed this kind of amendment to the company's constitution. 


For media enquiries please contact Brynn O'Brien



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